Why you should have a blog

Blogging is regarding sharing the things you see, know or want to tell everyone in the world. When you start blogging, you get to learn new things about your area of interest. You can never run out of ideas.

Blogging helps in making you think clear and sharper. It generates so many ideas with the popular skills. Blogging fills the voids of knowledge, spending time on internet in productive ways help in learning. You will learn to reflect deeply in your society, engage better with others, become more confident, accept flaws and appreciate the strengths, worker harder to stay happy and keep others happy.

Why you should have a blog

Blogging is about writing, those who write better are more expressive. Writing mastery comes with constant blogging, the words start flowing with ideas once you know how to write.

Here’s why: writing mastery comes with constant practice and blogging is just about that. In his epic book, On Writing, Stephen King discusses how once he didn’t write for several weeks due to an accident, and how when he started to write again, his words weren’t flowing well. Blogging is writing behind a screen. It helps you to voice and spread your opinions. Many people are strong and they support you. The conversation of flattery helps you to be even more confident in yourself.

Blogging helps you to speak more coherently. As the confidence with an audience grows, you can manage your nervousness on any subjects of interest. Every great speech starts with a great script.

Blogging can make you money, there is a decent income that comes and is attainable which increases with increase in traffic. Many big blogs earn millions of dollars per annum. Blogging helps you in sliding from the comfort zones and help in management. At every point, coming up with great and innovative ideas becomes a practice.