• 5 popular WordPress plugins

    5 popular WordPress plugins

    When it comes to WordPress plugins, some user really test WordPress system by installing dozens of plugins (trust me, I’ve seens 3-dozen plugins user). Anyway, what is the odd that you used the popular plugin WordPress has to offer? Here we get the 5 top, most used plugins from WordPress.


  • 5 WordPress business you can start

    5 WordPress business you can start

    WordPress has become so huge that many services related to WordPress are in huge demand as well. There are more WordPress services offered than ever nowadays, here are 5 businesses that related to WordPress you can start today.


  • Why WordPress cache plugin is important

    Why WordPress cache plugin is important

    The speed of your WordPress site is among the most important aspects you need to optimize in order to rank better in Google’s SERP (search engine results page) and improve your overall search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress caching is by far the fastest way to greatly improve the performance of your site in just a few minutes.