A few things new WordPress users tend to look around after installed their fresh WordPress system. To be frank, WordPress isn’t the most user friendly content management system (or blog system whatever make you happy).

Here are a few thing you can look into before writing the content or find the right WordPress theme.

1- Setup permalink

5 things to do after installing your WordPress

Not only does friendly permalink make your site more search engine friendly, it will also make your visitor happy. Nobody want to remember your add as https://domain.com/?p=6729478, let your visitors has an easier way to remember your post URL, and search engine to easily read your post URL. Get better idea of how to setup WordPress permalink.

2- Install SEO plugin

5 things to do after installing your WordPress

Now that you have your system running, it is best to make sure the system is in the top condition for search engine. Please forget about those WordPress theme telling you that they are SEO friendly, SEO ready and etc, those are just a gimmick.

Remember if you use the so-called “SEO friendly” theme, you either use it for life, or risk doing some changes on your site ranking with search engine when you change a theme. Always use SEO plugin in order to keep your site consistent.

3- Setup anti spam

Nobody wants to keep getting those SPAM email. Don’t just install an anti spam (or Akisment in this case) and think that you are safe. Well, bad news is that Akisment isn’t going to cut every SPAM just like that.

5 things to do after installing your WordPress

WordPress has been kind with us to setup some blacklist to better prevent those SPAM comment. You can check more about the blacklist and fill them up at Settings – Discussion – Comment Blacklist, fill all the blacklist keyword on the input.

4- Setup automatic backup

5 things to do after installing your WordPress

Always backup your own set of copy. Never overestimate your hosting (server, provider whatever). There is no safe bet on your precious content than having a set of your own. It only takes a few click and setting to get an automatic backup.

5- Setup media sizes

5 things to do after installing your WordPress

This not only save you a few previous spaces on your hosting, it always help you better manage your file in the future. Just for a tips: Set your image size to “0” (zero) so it will not duplicate to 3 sizes. You can check more about WordPress media sizes here.

These are the 5 quick steps you should do after you have your WordPress installed. Do check if you have anything more to add or you need any more plugins. Remember to always get plugin from WordPress plugin directory than somewhere else, WordPress scan and monitor their plugins.