To start your own blog, there are total of five steps that will help you with your small business. Make an account on the WordPress Website if you don’t already have one. The step by step procedure for starting from the scratch is discussed.

Decide on a blogging platform

This is a very crucial point as choosing the wrong platform might break your blog. There are many blogging sites to choose from, however WordPress is the most popular, user-friendly and versatile of them all. There are two types of WordPress sites as well. enables you to set up a blog and its domain in minutes. The other and better version is which is your own self-hosted blog. The website is also quite simple to use. Hosting and the registration of domain might cost you money, the rest is free.

Choose a WordPress theme

There are thousands of themes available on the WordPress that allow you to customize the look and feel of blog. There are also free themes available in the WordPress Theme Directory. Also when choosing the theme, keep in mind if the colors and shades are going with your topic of blog.

Register a domain name

Now one of the most important thing is to choose a domain name which will be the basic URL to access your site. You can choose a name via domain registrar such as

Purchase web hosting

You still need to pay to have your blog hostel. To purchase the web hosting service, go visit the websites such as Bluehost.

Make a plan, and get writing!

This is the part where you get creative, start with the writing of what you are expert of. Always keep in mind the answer to the question, what is your main objective of the blog? How often should you blog? And how to engage your readers with your blog.