Website loading speed has always been a topic for developer and design alike. Strange enough, new website owners too are concern with it, in fact, this is the only aspect they research at first when they first own a website.

WordPress is a system, undeniably, a system normally are bloated, or at least a bit bloated with some unnecessary queries. It is always a wise choice to get into your WordPress and do some configuration or even just a plugin to help it.

Here are 5 simple steps you can try on your WordPress today.

Install a cache plugin

This is the number one plugin installed by WordPress user, be it a hardcore users or new users. These cache plugin simply create a HTML version of your website, so it reduce WordPress queries for all visitors. Here are some of the popular cache plugin from WordPress plugin directory:

Optimize image

This is the most subtle mistake we all do. This little steps will help keep your reader on your website, imagine the featured images shows first. You may install plugin to optimize your WordPress media, but it is still best to optimize before you upload them.

Content Delivery Network

Simply put, when another server load your resources, your server will be lighten. In return, your server runs faster. If you are within budget, you may try Jetpack, which provide a simple CDN for your images.

Good hosting provider

Yes, a good hosting will do miracle to your WordPress site. Some hosting providers are not optimize to run WordPress, which result in lagging loading of your website. Sometimes, even cache or CDN can’t even help it. So be sure to find the right, or recommended hosting provider.

Optimize your database

You may manually optimize your database, but you can also try some plugin to optimize the database. One thing to note though, do not simply install any plugins. Some plugins add database table to your database, soon your database will be bloated.

These are the basic ways to help your WordPress site, it cost nothing and easy to setup. There are more ways to help your WordPress site. If in doubt, hire an experiences WordPress developers, they can help you optimize your server too.