When it comes to WordPress plugins, some user really test WordPress system by installing dozens of plugins (trust me, I’ve seens 3-dozen plugins user). Anyway, what is the odd that you used the popular plugin WordPress has to offer? Here we get the 5 top, most used plugins from WordPress.

NextGEN Gallery

5 popular WordPress plugins

NextGEN Gallery has been around for a long that almost everyone who want a better gallery will opt for this plugin. We find that the setting and creating gallery is a bit confusing for new users. However, the point of this plugin is that once you get the idea of setting up gallery, everything become faster, you don’t need to create anymore page than one.

WP Super Cache

5 popular WordPress plugins

You should try to love WP Super Cache. This is without a doubt, the easiest and the most effective way to help boost your WordPress performance, a highly recommended cache plugin for all WordPress users.

Google XML Sitemaps

5 popular WordPress plugins

If you have a niche blog, chances are, you are trying to get into Google. You can’t miss out Google XML Sitemaps plugin. This little powerful plugin generate an XML file for your site that search engine love to crawl. However, note that getting into ranking on search engine for a new blog is not a miracle, patient is still the key,

Google Analytics by Yoast

5 popular WordPress plugins

Yes, if you have above, you should definitely have Google Analytics by Yoast plugin as well. Traffic, search engine and reader engagement, these are all the thing a blogger could ask for.

5 popular WordPress plugins

Lastly, the SPAMMERS! We all hate the spammer spamming all the URL on our blog. Akismet is a plugin developed by Automattic (the parent of WordPress system), it offer both free and premium version. However, WordPress.COM account is required.

There you go, with only the top 5 popular plugins, you are basically set to thrive your blog already.