Undeniably, WordPress is the one of the top content management choice of majority developers. Remember it runs almost 25% of all websites on the Internet, it does tell something about WordPress.

However, here are 5 issues with WordPress that are overrated. Note that this is by no mean to discourage you to use WordPress, but an ideas or feedback where you can look into when you choose WordPress.

Not user friendly

We meet a lot of first-time WordPres users. They have a lot of issue with WordPress, well, not issue per se, mostly about how to operate it. WordPress has some confusing user interface, such as the menus, where a lot of first-time user lost. How to create the menu, where do I add a category, and so on. Some even confused with pages and posts (or should we rename it “Articles” instead?).

Simple CMS

WordPress started as a blogging platform, it still is. While most of us like to believe that WordPress is a content management system, but it just really not. WordPress is a very simple blogging platform, in a nutshell, it comes with only the essential elements such as post, page, comment and a search. Whenever you need any extra, you’ll have to keep adding plugins and more plugins.

Poorly coded themes around

WordPress users are spoiled with thousand or even million of free theme, or even some powerful premium theme. However, most of these themes are not really properly coded, some even have a “lock-in” effect on your usage, making it difficult for you to change another theme.

Resources hog

It is no secret that WordPress is server resources hog. There are reason why most of WordPress-specialist hosting has a very high spec configuration compare to any common hosting.

Support wise

You know what they say about open-source, a lot of developers and a great community to help you. Well, not so in all open-source project. The same with WordPress, you don’t always get the specific answer to your issues, simply because one member hijacked your thread, or even nobody reply you if the issue is new.

It is not saying that you should avoid WordPress. This list give you an idea what expectation you should be looking forward to. Some developers will over-praise WordPress and when a first-time user get in touch with it, it was a disappointment. Always remember, we cannot compare someone who work with WordPress with someone who is not at all.