5 ways to engage with your readers

It is crucially important for content marketing strategy to engage your readers by creating fresh content. The hard part is to make your reader become the fan of your writing. Here are five ways that initiate engagement.

Write from different sources.

Your writing should be authentic with the introduction to new gem to prompt the readings. Keep the readers updated by sharing new stories with credible sources. The readers read the contents in different ways and they love it when everything is available in one blog and social media channels. Think about the ways you can repurpose the curated content into white paper or an e-book. Also arrange for a Google Hangout or meetup to meet your readers to drive a much deeper engagement.

Get reader input.

If you have a rising number of readers, that means they are more invested in you and your content. You can also publish the well-written guest posts and create a poll to know what readers want to read. Publish ways to contact you through email. It encourages and supports the views of your followers. If you are publishing a book, the best way is to vote on the final cover design which will make readers feel included in the content.

5 ways to engage with your readers

Include a strong call to action (CTA).

Add twitter call to action buttons. According to studies, the phrase ‘please retweet’ receives four times more attention compared to other types of tweets. Call to actions are used to encourage the readers to support the content and take action sharing them. Many bloggers also include the opinions at the end, whether they agree or disagree to know their point of view.

Take corrections and clarifications seriously

Also take the social interaction seriously and consider bring accurate and fair. This develops trust with the readers.

Engage in a conversation with your audience

Pick a topic and invite your fans with for Community conversation. It is critical to engage on the social networking sites with the audience.