With the advancement in WordPress system and the blogging atmosphere, WordPress user tend to have more and more requirement to run a better blog. The number one question is: I want to show this widget on this page only.

WordPress itself does not have dynamic widget, it can only show widget on each respective widget area on your blog template. If your blog template has one widget area, the widget will show on it no matter which page it is.

Thanks to Jetpack, the widget visibility help bloggers to create a dynamic WordPress widget, now blogger can show the right widget on the right page.

Activate Jetpack’s Widget Visibility feature

Widget Visibility

Consider that you already have Jetpack plugin installed and activated.

Find the visibility feature in widget

Widget Visibility

Any widget should have an additional “Visibility” button.

Select the visibility options

Widget Visibility

There are a few more options to choose from, you can get the best out of this visibility feature.

This feature is great if you want to featured a certain page (E.g: Promo page) with certain widgets only. Now you know how to have a dynamic widget, it is time to optimize your blog.