• 10 website mistakes you should never made

    Having a website for the first time is exciting and a bit of stress, you get to have your very own piece of Internet (Really!). You are a bit stress with the launching, you don’t know what website mistakes you may made; you don’t know if your visitors like your website? Does it going to run well?


  • 10 business website using WordPress

    Although WordPress platform started out as a blogging platform. Within this few years, WordPress has been upgrading itself as a content management system. With some clever usage, there are membership, forum, eCommerce or business website that used WordPress.


  • Ideas For Your Photoshop Brushes

    A little hint of brushes is what we called the trend years back. But the trend doesn’t just stop there. Photoshop brushes are still the top used tool by many website designers and graphic designers. The little hint of brush at the background of your website will definitely bring out the focus needed.