10 business website using WordPress


Although WordPress platform started out as a blogging platform. Within this few years, WordPress has been upgrading itself as a content management system. With some clever usage, there are membership, forum, eCommerce or business website that used WordPress.

5 quick tips to optimize WordPress

5 quick tips to optimize WordPress

The 5-minute (or less) WordPress installation is definitely not a problem for you. Some hosting provider even provide you with a one-click WordPress installation. So installing is no always the question about WordPress, the question is to make sure you can maintain it for a long run.

5 steps after installing WordPress

5 things to do after installing your WordPress

A few things new WordPress users tend to look around after installed their fresh WordPress system. To be frank, WordPress isn’t the most user friendly content management system (or blog system whatever make you happy).

WordPress menu features you probably missed

WordPress menus features

WordPress introduced custom menus since version 3.0. This helps beginner to arrange and organize their menu more effectively and easier. This built in WordPress custom menu allows you to create your very own set of menu and associate it with different menu location (provided your theme has a few menu location: such as top and bottom).