Blogging used to be very simple process. Create a blogging website, and you’re off for an Internet adventures. However, things are going professional, each day, bloggers are working on making their blog better and professional.

Blog is an essential part of any business nowadays. It give you more insight of your target audience, know your problem and solution and all the elements a business needed. Here are a few steps you can take to have a better blog.


5 quick steps for a better blog

Setting up permalink is the first sub-step. The second sub-step you need is to setup the correct permalink slug for all your posts. Making sure search engine and your target audience can understand them before they even read your content.


5 quick steps for a better blog

Making sure your target audience can share your content is crucial. Remember, your target audience interest/friends may be your target audience too, it is a simple multiply math. Take a good amount of time and install the right sharing plugin, some sharing plugins are annoying and make sure to avoid them.


5 quick steps for a better blog

Taking into account that not everyone has a Gigabits Internet connection, 3 seconds is a bit of impossible. However, you should make sure your blog load as quick as it can. This involve a lot of other elements such as hosting resources, hosting connection speed, image file size and etc. Oh, installing the right plugin will make the different too.


5 quick steps for a better blog

Tracking your visitors give you more insight of your blogging topic. You get to know what topic your target audience preferred. There is no point writing some content your target audience is not interest and doesn’t want to share.


5 quick steps for a better blog

The best way to keep your content on the Internet is making sure search engine love your content. Buying link is a big no-no, even advertisement is not a long-term solution. These will need maintenance, you’ll be forever advertising and forever buying link, once you stop there is no link, there is no exposure anymore. Only when search engine rank your content, it will be there even you don’t do anything anymore.

These are only a very quick 5 tips to start off a better blog. Keep in mind, a lot of way to keep you blog better, explore your WordPress system and those plugins, you’ll be amaze there are a lot more thing that can help you build a better blog too.